California Dreaming


California baby!!!!!!

Me and my family love a good adventure holiday and so to change things up from the ordinary staying at a new hotel at each place, we decided to hire an RV and travel in style. And trust me it was the best way to see California.

We started off in San Francisco and it turns out our RV park was right by the stadium of the San Francisco 49ers which was pretty cool, especially as I’m a big fan of baseball. If I lived in the US, I’d be at every game.


My brother loved San Fran purely because of Alcatraz Island, he’s a fan of history. I on the other hand am not a fan of history and so this really didn’t appeal to me a but I reluctantly got on the boat and headed to the island. I can honestly say I LOVED it, it was so fascinating and kind of creepy at the same time, I mean it was home to the most notorious criminals after all. If any of you end up going you need to and I mean NEED to have the audio tour along the way, it gives you a deep history of the island and even provides comments from the inmates themselves.



Of course you can’t go to San Francisco without walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, now I suggest you go when its not cloudy so you can actually see the majority of the bridge unlike when I went and the photo proves it.


Yosemite was incredibly beautiful and I wish that I could spend everyday there because its a view that you can never get tired of. Yosemite Valley is huge and there’s so much to see, you definitely need to plan your day properly if you’re taking a trip there. We stayed at the Mariposa KOA campground and if by any chance you do visit Yosemite in an RV then you should you really stay here because its so pretty and they have a pool, you can’t beat a pool in that heat.




Monterey Bay was our next stop and once again it was just so PRETTY. That would be the perfect place to retire quiet little town by the gorgeous clear blue ocean. I’m not one for a bike ride but the rest of my family wanted to do one for about 2 hours and it was such a fun day, it was really a great way to see the whole of the Monterey coastline and to top it off we went to Ghirardelli and omg this place is incredible. We don’t have one in the UK and after trying it I really wish we did.






Ok so Morro Bay is basically this big ass rock that actually looks very pretty at sunset, may I add, we stayed here for 1 night I think on our way to LA! That’s right we had almost reached the place which I had forever dreamt about.


There’s always a choice when travelling, do you take the scenic route that’s longer or the quick not as pretty route? Of course you go for the scenic route its a no brainer. And so we headed down Big Sur, stopping off every chance we got to take pictures and admire the Californian coastline.



The highlight of LA was definitely without a doubt the Warner Bros studio tour. This was such a cool experience to see the set of so many TV shows that I love like The Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls and the best one of all F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I love friends and I mean LOVE it so to actually sit on the same couch as that incredible cast was a dream come true. Look there’s me down below 😉



We also hiked up to the Hollywood sign at probably the hottest time of day, not a smart idea may I add. But after many many water breaks we made it to the top and the view was totally worth the fact that I felt like I was dying.


We also checked out the Griffith Observatory which was incredible, if you ever plan to go to Los Angeles then you have to visit the observatory you can see the whole of LA. If you don’t believe me just look at this picture.

Whilst on our journey through LA we stopped off at Santa Monica and Huntington Beach, which are two pretty cool places if you ask me.



Our trip ended all the way in southern California, San Diego to be exact. When we planned this trip I was never keen on going to San Diego just because there isn’t really anything to do there and I wanted to visit Lake Tahoe and Death Valley but someone had recommended it to my mum and said it was fantastic, news flash: it wasn’t. The only good thing there was San Diego Zoo, I only really went for the cute pandas which are truly adorable I could have watched them all day.

DSC_1003 (1)

I mean come on just look at that face.

So there you have it, this was my adventure of the California Coast in a nutshell.



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